Thousands of years ago (by cryptospace time) in 2009, Bitcoin was the one and only cryptocurrency in the small and illiquid market. Nine years later, we got about 1400 cryptocurrencies tradable on 70+ exchanges [1]. Altcoins became an essential diversification tool for investors and you can hardly find a person that holds only one coin.

Tracking portfolio of multiple coins not necessary need to be complicated and time-consuming. In this post, I’ll cover most popular tools that will help you to keep track of your hard-earned Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other altcoins.

As part of a research, I’ve asked plenty of beginning and advanced crypto traders and investors: “What is a #1 tool you use for managing your cryptocurrency portfolio?”. Now I share their answers in this post. Check it out and decide which one is for you. Below you will find a detailed analysis of strength and weaknesses of each of 6 most popular apps together with our recommendation and table comparison.

Cryptocompare Portfolio

Portfolio tracking is a part of a feature set of one of the biggest portals on a topic of crypto. Here you can find the latest news, reviews and analytic about coins, wallets, exchanges, and mining integrated into one platform with 600.000+ users.

CryptoCompare Portfolio offers some unique capabilities like viewing public portfolios create by other users or performing portfolio risk analysis based on liquidity & volatility.

  • Rich feature set, some unique features that other platforms don’t have
  • Tight integration with the rest of CryptoCompare platform
  • Lacks import of portfolio data through API

Recommendation: powerful portfolio management tool for advanced investors who need more than basic information for analysis.

Meet one of the most feature-full and advanced trackers on the market. Created with love and German accuracy in Munich, the same city where BMW cars are born.

  • Advanced dashboard to slice & dice your portfolio
  • Solid integration with most of popular wallets & exchanges
  • Advanced tax calculations and reporting
  • less intuitive and sometimes overloaded UI
  • free version has a very limited set of features available comparing to paid

Recommendation: if you love to spend time planning and rebalancing your wide crypto portfolio, this comprehensive tool is for. Das Cointracking! promotes itself as “a unified dashboard for all your cryptocurrency assets.”

  • Intuitive minimalistic UI.
  • integration with most popular wallets & exchanges
  • Feature set is too limited comparing to other tools

Recommendation: minimalistic app for HODLers and beginner crypto investors

Blockfolio Bitcoin / Altcoin App

One of the most popular mobile app that supports both Android and iOS and has over 1 mln. downloads.

  • Intuitive and minimalistic UI.
  • Functionality for traders like Price Alerts and Order Book view
  • Lack of integrations with wallets / exchanges, data needs to be entered manually

Recommendation: basic app for HODLers and beginner crypto investors

 CoinManager – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple finance app

Started primarily as a price tracking tool, CoinManager is actively transforming to a powerful and more versatile tool for crypto traders and investors.

  • Verity of features for active traders (price watch list, configurable alerts, charts, exchange arbitrage, order book, active orders, etc)
  • Team is actively adding new features
  • Integration with some of the large exchanges are missing (e.g. Coinbase)

Recommendation: must-have mobile app for active traders and beginner investors

CryptoPort – Coin Portfolio Tracker

CryptoPort is yet another Android app to manage your crypto portfolio for free. There is also an option to upgrade and get some extra features like the increased amount of supported wallets.

  • Intuitive and minimalistic UI
  • Integration with variety of wallets and exchanges
  • Feature set is minimal and doesn’t fit either trader or investor user profile. Lack of unique features to differentiate from competitors
  • Lower user adoption rate

Recommendation: pick another app for now and periodically check Cryptoport for updates & new features

CryptoCompare [**]  Blockfolio Bitcoin / Altcoin App CoinManager – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple finance app

CryptoPort – Coin Portfolio Tracker

Basic portfolio dashboard  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced portfolio visualization  Yes Yes No No No No
Profit & Loss / Tax calculation  Yes / Yes Yes / Yes No No Yes [***]  / No Yes (***) / No
Automated import of data through API  No Yes (28+ integrations) Yes (11+ integrations) No Yes (11+ integrations) Yes (20+ integrations)
Price Alerts  No Yes (App only) [Check App] Yes Yes No
Unique features  View public portfolios of other users

Portfolio risk management capabilities

User statistics (comparing your portfolio to others)

Advanced Tax Reporting

Experimental Bitcoin price forecast

[Upcoming] Ability to invest in diversified basket of cryptocurrencies (managed crypto fund) Integrated news  feed Advanced price watchlist functionality

Display price difference between exchanges (Arbitrage)

Built-in chat with other users

Mining pool wallet integration
Price Free [*] Free & Paid plans Free Free Free Free [~], Paid
Platform Web WebAndroidiOS Web Android, iOS Android Android

[*] Selected features are free while in Beta testing, will be part of the portfolio subscription once it gets out of Beta

[**] Features comparison is for Web version only. App features may differ  and are typically

[***] Manual input is required

[~] Free version has some limitations. See more details in the app

Use some tool that is not in the review? We’d like to hear more! Please comment and share with other readers.

[1] From

Bonus: security tips

Integration with exchanges and wallets through API is a powerful functionality. When your device gets lost or compromised it gives attackers additional information you don’t want them to get. To improve your security, keep in mind following recommendations when integrating through API:

  • Do not store your API key and secret in a plain text. For backups rather use the encrypted offline device (*e.g. USB stick that you don’t use anywhere else) or cold storage like paper.
  • For each integration create separate API keys with a minimal set of permissions required for the app to be functioning. E.g. never allow withdrawal through API
  • If your device is lost or you suspect it might be compromised, immediately disable used API keys on exchanges/wallets and generate a new one

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