It’s here! ICOindex is announcing the launch of newly redesigned website platform

We have some great news! ICOindex team is proud to announce that we are launching a new version of our website.

We have redesigned the platform with our users in mind, simplifying navigation, building a responsive
layout for all platforms and providing more information on our products and services.

The new version of ICOindex should be more intuitive, easier to use and will allow better data collection and visualization.
We encourage everyone to visit and explore the site. If you miss something, have good ideas or want to give us feedback, send us a message to, on FB page or Twitter @icoindex.


So what’s new?


New logo

We redesigned our logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand.

The new logo expresses our focus on providing great analytical tools and services to crypto-asset investors and helping them throughout all market cycles. The new redesigned logo has more fresh and modern look and fits better our platform design.

On homepage

  • Trending section, so you can see at the first glance  what is worth your attention
  • Slice of selected ICOs directly on the homepage
  • Better optimization for mobile devices.


Extended information on ICO profiles

Each ICO profile page gets more information about Industry, Project type and Total funded amount. There are also new sections in Token Metrics. Now you can get info on Circulating supply and Total supply of tokens. Through the Similar section, you can explore other projects having same Project Type, coming from the same Industry, or having the same Project status.


Added new feature - Filtering of ICOs

When browsing individual ICOs you can also use new extended filters:

  • verified/unverified status
  • project industry
  • a country in which the project is incorporated
  • ICO status - whether it is upcoming/ongoing/finished
  • start/end date of the sale

You can also filter ICOs by clicking on any of the tags which are on the ICO card on the listing page or the ICO profile at the top.

Video is now embedded.

All YouTube and Vimeo content now plays directly on the page without redirecting to other sites.

What is coming next?

In the near future, we have plans to implement additional real-time information such as:

  • actual ROI (+ a function to use it for filtering)
  • funding, with timeline, average funded amount and escrow/smart contract status
  • Twitter and Telegram followers overview
  • Alexa rating overview
  • User feedback widget

Extended ICO profile information

  • start/end date, soft/hard cap for all sales (private-sale, pre-sale, public-sale)
  • Accepted currencies
  • Minimum and maximum investments
  • Fund distribution between sales
  • Number of participants of public sales

At the moment, we are also building our data sourcing team to provide you the freshest information. If you want to help us let us know on

If you miss something, have good ideas or want to give us feedback, send us a message on FB page @icoindex or Twitter @icoindex or our Slack.