Closer look at indaHash ICO


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Project Description

INDAHASH aims to be the coin for the world standard for influencers and to become the world-standard currency for settling all influencer activities reflecting the value of the growing market. With the introduction of the indaHash Coin, they want to tokenize the influencer marketing world and solve a wide range of issues and challenges between influencers, brands and fan bases.

The power of every influencer is not only their reach but also their ability to exert a real influence on the opinions, behaviors and buying intent of their followers. indaHash is introducing a system which would value the activity of fans and adjust a number of influencer tokens given for certain activities. Fans who receive the tokens will have the possibility to exchange them for personalized ways of interaction with their influencers.


indaHash ICO | Tokenizing The Influencer Industry

More information about indaHash ICO can be found on their profile.

Project Verification

After few months of work for I was more pessimistic from upcoming ICOs. Most of the ICOs we could see, have nothing more, than a nice website and short whitepaper filled with buzzwords.

Fortunately, this is not the case of indaHash. Behind their ICO stands very successful social media startup with great traction. Their numbers are quite impressive. They are operating in 70 markets (and adding more), with 130 employees and 3-digits annual growth rate. They grab the opportunity for social media age very well. Even though their prominent position in social media influencers platforms, there is still an enormous place for growth. Classic ways of advertisement are annoying people, so they do not fall into traps of advertisers so easy. Recent studies show, that people trust most to their friends and idols and this is exactly what kickass team of indaHash noticed and targeted. Nowadays competition between brands for customers attention is bigger (and also more expensive) than ever before.So if brands want to stay in touch with clients and profitable they have to constantly innovate not just products, but also communication and visibility.

They are not greenhorns in this field, experiences told enough. A core team of indaHash cofounded LifeTube, the most successful Polish youtube multi-channel network, or work for big media houses like Axel Springer. No wonder that their CEO Barbara Soltysinska won a lot of awards like Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year, or Business Woman of the Year, even Man of the Year (really). It is not one (wo)man show. Her cofounder Darek Zielinski brings a lot of experience from traditional media house – Polish branch of Ringer Axel Springer where he worked as Managing Director and now, he is responsible for business operations. For technical (crypto) part of project invited external advisor like Dmitry Khovratovich who is known as an author of the Equihash algorithm used in Zcash and he found security flaws in more than 10 ciphers.

Take a look at the business model. The company is connecting more than 330 000 influencers (from micro with around 1000 followers to 100 000) with well-known Fortune 500 brands like McDonald, Adidas, IKEA,etc.

Brand set up the campaign, its rules, and budget Through the indaHash app, influencers can start with promoting brand. Company check fulfilling of brand recommendations and provide bounties for them. Due to the current banking system, sometimes payments arrive for 30-60 days and transactions fees are still pretty high and the company has to manage bank accounts nearly in every country, where they operate. The other reasons why they want to tokenize this industry are automatization of current processes and the ability for early access to purchase goods, services and tickets for special events by new functionality – Pay with Fame which tied both sides more.

Also very uncommon is one fact: – indaHash is not (so) greedy like other ICO which could fail even though the collected tremendous piles of cash. If we assume an average price of IDH ICO + 20% (minimum price – pre-ICO with 40% and ICO price 1 ETH = 3200 IDH ), we get to a project valuation of 25 mil. USD. The project is promising buybacks of IDH from exchanges. It should be backed by incomes from brands and this mechanism could provide bigger liquidity.


As you could read, fundaments for the success of IDH token are pretty strong. But don´t fall in love in a dream of easy profit. There is still a risk and big challenge will be the education of users to teach them about the usage of tokens. As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, after all of the low quality ICOs, it´s quite fresh to see one, with the real business behind itself.