Crowdholding – ICOindex Due Diligence


This is not an investment recommendation! ICOindex has done a verification that covers several key aspects that we personally consider to be very important to determine whether the ICO project is legit or a possible fraud. These aspects do not reflect the investment potential or risk. Investing into any initial coin offering (ICO), crowdsale, token sale or any other cryptocurrency presented on this website can result into partial or complete loss of your money. Do not invest into things you do not understand. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose. cannot be hold responsible for any issues relating to projects listed on website.

Project Description:

We see a future where people can support the world’s economy through crowdsourcing. We aim to ensure mutual prosperity for businesses and people. Projects launched on pledge a % of revenue to supporters for contributing ideas and feedback. Pledged revenue is assigned to the crowd in the form of YUPIE tokens — The ETH based cryptocurrency. The value of contributions (commenting) is evaluated by the crowd. This assists a project creator in finding good content, but ultimately the project creator can choose to use—or ignore—content as they see fit.

About Crowdholding

Projects & Tasks
Crowdholding is designed to facilitate very efficient, and highly productive, communication between businesses and the crowd. The system revolves around projects, containing tasks for the community to interact with: Project – can be almost anything, from an entrepreneur with an idea, to an established company. The project summarises the venture, providing context for tasks. Task – can be a challenge, discussion, question, or anything else which catalyzes discussion in the community. Content should ideally be fun and shareable, but it can be more technical or challenging.

Role of the YUPIE Token
Payment – Supporters receive payment for work in YUPIES. Investment – YUPIES can be used to invest in startups. Shopping – YUPIES can be spent on products built by the startups
The more community supporters or startups use YUPIES, the bigger demand drives the YUPIES price up.

ICOindex Verification Process:

The Whitepaper clearly describes the problem and solution of Crowdholding. A clear roadmap with deadlines and business model description can be found in the white paper.

The identity and the experience of the team members can be verified through their social media accounts and various media presence. The past experience and careers of the team and advisors seem to fit the ambition of the project and need for expertise.

The social media presence and marketing effort of the project is quite low. The Twitter following and Facebook likes are around 300 and 1.500, however, the accounts and followers are legit and have not been created recently. The Slack channel has ca. 50 members but the team is quite active on it.

The Token will be issued on the ERC20 standard. Currently, there is a Github repository available featuring the smart contract of Crowdholding. The smart contract is yet now known to be audited.

The use of third-party Escrow service is yet unknown while the current project status is already in the BETA phase. Their platform can be accessed under and there are already registered users and projects.


Crowdholding is an interesting project in the ICO space as it wants to develop a much-needed platform for product and community validation. It seems that the team is experienced and can fulfill the task of the project and the already ongoing beta of the project, as well as the full transparency of the ICO gives the reason for a trustworthy and legit rating. The overall rating of the due diligence evaluation by ICOindex is therefore “verified”.