Data exchange projects

In this article, we will take a closer look at projects that specializes in data exchange. Data exchange is the process of taking data structured under a source schema and transforming it into data structured under a target schema so that the target data is an accurate representation of the source data. Data exchange allows data to be shared between different computer programs. Projects in this article aim to disrupt mainly consumer data exchange and handling.

1) Pillar project,



ICO: 15.7-17.7.2017

Raised: 113,674 ETH or $21.21M based on the value of eth at the ICO closing – they sold less than ½ of the hard cap (52.8M at that time)

Type of token: erc20


About: Pillar project focuses on pillar data locker, a multichain wallet that can store all important data, information of users at one spot. That means personal data, blockchain data, login data.

From their wp: “The Pillar wallet is our solution. It will be a consumer product that looks very much like today’s digital wallets, but it is just the very beginning of the personal data locker. We will transform the wallet experience from something you use occasionally to trade currencies to something you use most of the time as you go about your day.”

Roadmap: so far they are still at phase1 (wallet for erc20 tokens)

GDPR compliance: they claim yes (

  • They want to solve multiple problems within one wallet (tool)
  • Their WP is very vague with very brave claims like “world’s best open-source multi-chain wallet”
  • No real exchanges, low volume for a project of this age
  • No working product yet despite being the oldest of the projects
  • David Siegel as CEO – they portrait him as “blockchain superstar” (taken from their tweet) thus creating a personality cult which is not healthy


2) Datum,

Link to whitepaper

ICO: 29.10.2017-29.11.2017

Raised:$7,265,655 or 15794 ETH (source:

Type of token: erc20

About: “The Datum network allows anyone to store structured data securely in a decentralized way on a smart contract blockchain. The DAT smart token enables optional selling and buying of stored data while enforcing data usage rules as set by the data owner.”  (from their WP)

It is a blockchain based marketplace and data management system that aims to turn data into secure, tradeable commodity. You can store the data and sell it using its marketplace.

Additional info:

GDPR compliance: (they don’t claim how it will affect datum platform)

  • They have a partial product already
  • Live dashboard
  • Exchanges (Kucoin, okex, huobi)
  • No analytics – in their roadmap they mention at in the year 2021
  • Unrealistic expectations in wp (“At the 5-year milestone we plan to reach over 300M users in over 45 countries – from WP”)
  • Pseudonymization – they don’t deal with privacy/anonymity issues at all in WP besides having a user permissioned system (user allows who can access his/her data)
  • So far they seem to be selling just emails to other ICO projects


3) Datawallet

Link to whitepaper

ICO (public) : 5.2.2017-6.2.2017

Raised: $40M (source:

Type of token: erc20

About: “Datawallet is a decentralized data exchange that allows users to put the data they create online into one unified profile, and share it with interested companies in return for the cryptocurrency.” (from their website)

It is a C2B data marketplace. It claims to overcome the “silo problem” which is combining the data from multiple sources. Besides selling the data, users are promised the Datawallet App store, an AI services platform. It should be basically a marketplace for algorithms which should further help with f.e. Personalization services (suggesting right music, etc).

Additional info:

GDPR: not mentioned at all

Datawallet UVP:

  • They have an app already and claim to have ecosystem ready
  • AI-driven marketplace (Datawallet App store)
  • No exchanges besides IDEX
  • No analytics – but data wallet app store might offset that
  • WP awful and unreadable, no clear business case
  • Pseudonymization – they don’t deal with user anonymity too (if users decide to sell their data)

Datawallet takedown:


4) Pikciochain

ICO: ongoing, so far raised 11561 ETH

Type of token: Neo-ep-5


GDPR: mentioned in WP

About: “Pikcio has been designed to store, secure, verify and certify data while ensuring the data source retains full control of their information at all times. Pikcio lets the user choose how to share their data, who to share it with, while also providing them with the opportunity to be paid for its use.” (from their WP)

Pikciochain consists of 2 services: Pickiome serves to collect user data and Pikciopro lets companies offer or use services based on their customers’ data permissions and certification. It also acts as a portal to Pikcio marketplace where data can be bought and sold.

Pikcio claims Pickiome is a safer solution because “each PikcioMe application works as the server for its registered user and, if permission is given, can act as the server for other users. It is this decentralized server infrastructure that puts individuals in control of their data and, because there is no centralized data storage, means that Pikcio is much more secure than alternatives.” (from their WP)



Token Type: erc20

About: is a decentralized app that aims to create a personal profile where all the data will be in possession of the user of the app. The main goal of the founders is connecting the internet in an open protocol, allowing users to connect their experiences across the web, transferring data and value from app to app. Also, users, data could not be used against his will for various marketing or social research.

ICO: was in February 2018, they raised their hard cap 20 000 000 USD


GDPR: not mentioned in WP

  • They have already a product to test
  • Partnerships with companies (biggest one has about 12 million users)
  • The roadmap is very short-sighted for now
  • Pseudonymous
  • No analytics
  • More information here


6) Ocean protocol

Token type: Own wallet

About: The Ocean Protocol is an ecosystem composed of data assets and services, where assets are represented by data and algorithms, and services are represented by integration, processing and persistence mechanisms.

ICO: on 7th of March, they intend to raise 22 300 000 USD, but they already raised some money on pre-launch round and seed round.


GDPR: mentioned in WP

  • Building a protocol instead just a Dapp or platform
  • Interesting partnerships
  • No analytics
  • Possibly also not fully anonymous
  • Network launch Q1 2019
  • More information about Ocean Protocol can be found here


7) Biotron

ICO on 20th of March, they aim to raise 35 000 000 EUR

Token type: During the ITE, BTRN are created as ERC-20 cryptographic tokens on the Ethereum (ETH) protocol. After the ITE and once the Biotron Blockchain is launched, the ERC-20 based BTRN will be replaced by the final proprietary BTRN.


About: “Biotron is building a user-permissioned and revenue sharing data analytics platform. User data is collected, analyzed, and saved in a set of analyses, which are then available for purchase

by interested parties. A smart contract is created ensuring that accrued revenue is distributed among participating users in the purchased analysis, leaving Biotron its commission. We provide the most accurate user analytics to help organizations make timely and correct decisions while benefiting from blockchain transparency.”

Biotron has a different approach to the problem of personal data monetization. Instead of allowing users to sell their data as they wish, it will allow users to have their data added to datasets and will create analytics on top of it and provide that to the customer in form of insights..

GDPR: mentioned in WP

  • Different and unique approach among data marketplace companies
  • Analytics for end business customers – added value
  • Full anonymization – biotron won’t share datasets just insights
  • It will require a huge user acquisition in order to create meaningful insights with value for companies compared to other data marketplace companies which don’t rely that much on user acquisition and can work effectively even with the smaller number of active users
  • More information about Biotron can be found here