Short report on current SCAMs and suspicious ICOs

When we wrote this article about the reasons we have marked BitConnect as an outright fraught there were people who clapped and people who called us names. This combination of love and hate was a clear signal, that we are doing something right. Finally, The Texas Securities Commissioner has entered an Emergency Cease and Desist Order against BitConnect. Good move Texas.

Our SCAM and Suspicious category are getting more and more attention.

There are some new projects in those categories that we would like to warn you about.

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Othor project

Vitalik Buterin as your coder? The other identities are probably stolen. Recently created a Twitter account with more than 66% fake followers. Don´t deserve more time.

Case closed.

Bitedu (BTEU)

We considered this ICO as a scam due to:

So stay away from this!

Bitrent (RNT)

Why is this project suspicious?

  • One-third of their Twitter followers seem to be fake (source: ).
  • Some of the team members don´t have (public) connection with Bitrent, or they do not have working links in their profiles on the web.
  • False statements about their primacy in property blockchain platforms. There are many others which were earlier.
  • False statements about “developed wide range technologies”, iOS app is missing in Apple Store.  We also couldn’t find any parts of the platform (on their websites or GitHub).
  • Misleading information about used technology and platform. In the whitepaper, they claimed, “token will be the ERC-20 standard”, but on their blog, they claimed to choose of Hyperledger, which is not compatible with ERC-20 tokens.

We asked team twice for clarification of our findings. Neither first answer nor second we didn´t consider their answers as a sufficient.

Totum (TMC)

Why is this project suspicious?

  • People participating in Bounty campaign didn´t get paid (also Bounty manager of this campaign).
  • Empty Github.
  • Misleading claims about partnerships. Some are not closed, some should be with games, which are not alive anymore.
  • Lack of technical details of the platform.
  • Lack of transparency in communication (changing ICO dates was not announced clearly).

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