Orca Alliance – Due Diligence Report



  • an ambitious project with a lot of use cases
  • good incentivization of the token
  • working demo




  • not very convincing team
  • a bit vague roadmap




Team: 2/5

Project: 4/5

Token use case: 4/5

Token Metrics: 3/4

Roadmap: 1/3

Community and marketing: 3/5

Hype: 2/3



ORCA, which is short for ‘Open & Regulated Cryptocurrency Adoption’, will be a platform of its kind to globally integrate both banking and cryptocurrency accounts, as well as spearhead the growth of the crypto economy. ORCA will take advantage of the EU’s revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), which empowers account holders with the authority to share data, removing the financial institution’s role as gatekeeper. In addition, the ORCA Platform fosters the creation of a dynamic financial services ecosystem through the ORCA App Center, a one-stop shop for crypto service development, and Quest, a gamified community that fosters blockchain technology innovation. The platform will allow users to access and manage multiple bank accounts, credit cards, investment funds, insurance policies and other financial services from a single platform – for simpler comparison of options, faster access, and ease of use.



The core team consists of 24 people, 9 of those are developers. Also they have 10 advisors some of those are: Darius Rugevičius – Co-founder and Managing Partner at Connect Capital, Rytis Bieliauskas – Hackathon winner, Steen Trondhjem Nielsen – General Manager at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, Mažvydas Mackevičius, Ph.D. – Ph.D. in Informatics, Steven Sprague – CEO of Rivetz Corp, Board member of Factom.


Natan Avidan – CEO –  Founder

  • Mentor at Blockchain Centre Vilnius – it is a non-profit association uniting all the stakeholders to protect common interest and to facilitate the environment for growth, innovation, and collaboration.
  • Managing Partner at mancanweb – Branding & Web Development Agency – for about 2 and a half year.
  • Co-Founder of company Legal Guns Media
  • Digital Marketing Manager at Lietuvos paštas, AB – Digital marketing (Google AdWords and Analytics, PPC, CPA, CPI), social media (created and managed 2000+ fan base)



Dmitrij Radin – CTO, Co-Founder

  • Vice President at CRYPTO ECONOMY ORGANISATION – currently still on this position – Crypto Economy Organisation is an associated legal person a non-governmental organization founded to represent interests of the members and satisfy public interests through the activity of public benefit.
  • Mentor at Blockchain Centre Vilnius – currently still in this position
  • CVO at CryptoAd.Network – currently still in this position
  • Co-owner & executive producer at Legal Guns – currently still on this position



Vachtangas Babunasvili –  CBDO / Investments

  • CEO at JG Investment Management – The Company manages assets of private investors – currently still in this position
  • Investment Banking Associate at Orion Securities UAB FMI – for 2 years – Orion Securities Group is the largest non-banking financial group in Lithuania providing services in selling securities as well as corporate finance, investment banking, and financial management services to both private individuals and legal entities.
  • HNW Asset Manager at Luxury Life Investments – 3 years – Managed various assets of private investors.
  • Value Creator, Co-founder at BRB Partners – 3 years – Creating long-term organizational strategic goals, building key customer relationships.



Laurent Bourquin – COO

  • CIB Financial Analyst at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking – SGCIB – for this company he worked for 4 and a half year on three positions.




The platform provides the technology needed for capturing the synergy that arises from cryptocurrency service aggregation, community engagement, and mainstream adoption. The ORCA Platform includes the following solutions:

  • An Open Banking Platform – A solution to financial data from diverse sources including banks, crypto wallets, and financial exchanges.
  • An Account Overview Interface – An easy-to-understand visual depiction of the user’s financial situation.
  • ORCA AI – ‘Machine learning algorithm’-based analysis of customer data and financial activity to provide effective financial management feedback to both customers and financial service providers.
  • ORCA App Center – The “Google Play” of the crypto world, where apps are developed, showcased, tested and monetized.
  • Quest – A community of crypto developers and consumers focused on developing new apps, fostering blockchain innovation, solving problems, shaping or funding future services and contributing to the ORCA community.
  • ORCA Tokens – The fuel of the ORCA Platform: used to reward community users, finance startups, purchase services and serve as a payment medium.


The ORCA Platform aims to solve the problem of high transaction costs through the ORCA Sidechain. A sidechain is a protocol that breaks down one transaction into many smaller amounts that are recorded on a separate ledger, and then reassembles transactions and synchronizes them on the main chain.  The ORCA Sidechain will store transactions that occur on the ORCA Platform and resend them to the main chain as a bundle.


ORCA will offer a solution by enabling a Token Swap on the Platform and making ORCA Token a “one-for-all” access token for all third-party services. Once a service is added to the ORCA Dashboard, users will be able to pay for it with ORCA tokens, which will be converted automatically to the service provider’s tokens. The exchange will take place through the Bancor Protocol for continuous liquidity.


Partnerships so far:

Token use case

Different tiers of apps and services will be accessible to users, based on the amount of ORCA tokens held. More advanced apps/services, such as trading bots and lending gateways, will be accessible to users with higher overall balances. This will incentivize users to accumulate ORCA tokens in order to unlock more services and apps.


ORCA Token holders will have access to exclusive deals from ORCA’s partners. That could translate into discounts on an online trading platform or bonuses on an online crypto gaming service.

Data providers will be able to pseudonymize generated content and sell it directly to businesses for ORCA tokens. The ORCA Platform thus acts as a financial data aggregator, allowing both individuals and companies to monetize and exchange information quickly and efficiently. The platform offers users the opportunity to earn money from their personal data, selling it for ORCA tokens to service providers, marketing companies and so on.


It also allows users to pay for all services, both crypto and conventional, with ORCA tokens, thus saving time and conversion fees.


Any member can join a quest by depositing a pre-determined amount of ORCA tokens. If the Quest is not completed successfully, all or part of the deposit will be distributed among the quest’s host and other community members.


Token metrics

ERC 223 compliant token, 460 000 000 will be issued and the supply is finite. Token will be divisible to 9 decimal spaces. A 60% of the whole supply is offered for public sale.

65% of the funds will be used to platform and business development. Another 20% is allocated for community development, 10% for legal and regulatory activities and 5% for education and promotion of the platform.



According to the roadmap, the beta of the platform should be out in September 2018 and in January 2019 the official launch should happen. The roadmap does not provide any more details about the individual milestones and no information about development after the January 2019.


Their Telegram https://t.me/ORCAalliance has about 30k members. On Twitter https://twitter.com/ORCA_Alliance they have about half of that. Orca Alliances Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ORCAAlliance/ is followed by circa 5 000 people. On Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/orca_foundation_io/ they have 253 followers. Their blog https://medium.com/@ORCA_Alliance has about 370 followers and active content posting. The Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGGZqtOFOD1dpj3rMJrCYw channel is followed by 322 people. The Bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2477106.0 thread is active. Their Github https://github.com/orcaalliance is not very active. Their Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/xE3t49F has about 230 members.