Signals: A closer look at Alpha version of the new promising trading platform



The Signals is the newly built platform for daily or occasional traders which allow them to create, share and copy trade strategies based on integrated indicators without any programming skills. The platform will enable you to integrate indicators and historical trading data, which you can both use for creating your own strategy and test it with your own or other one’s data.

Currently, the platform is being built, and there is available Alpha release. You can try it here. Alpha version shows you platform UI, with strategies listing where you can find six available trading strategies built by the core team. You can see the details and statistics of selected strategy together with Notifications and Copy trade buttons. Detail consists of its name, author, users rating, description, success graph visualization, the complete history of trades and more detailed statistics. Statistics comprises all essential values like selected asset pair, last 6-month performance, total performance, average profit, win rate, maximum drawdown and more.

If we select CandleStick Pattern strategy, we can see 3211.89% of total performance since 15th of January. That’s really nice. After click on Copy Trade button, we can see adjustable timeline, text input with an amount of USD to invest and an estimated Profit in % and USD. Cool! Unfortunately, alpha version doesn’t allow you to live trading now. If you really want to try the platform, there is another option now. It is the Notification button. For enabling notifications feature you need to have Telegram app installed. Then you can connect the Signals app with your Telegram account, and receive actual trading signals! More features like creating your own strategy, integrate your custom indicators or loading individual testing data is not supported now.

We are doing a survey and asking the traders/crypto fans on their opinions about the Signal platform. We are interested in these questions:

  • How do you like the idea of the platform?
  • How do you like the UX of the alpha version?
  • Would you use the app? Is it solving your problem?
  • Did you attend pre ICO?
  • Are you thinking about joining the main ICO event?

Do you want to have an impact and tell your opinion to others? Just click here and fill the form.

According to the traders and crypto fans, they like the idea of the platform and UX (we will publish results of the survey in the following week). From my point of view, UI seems to be really clear and straightforward. There is no chaos of all details like on competing platform(1). Although main proposed feature – building a custom strategy without coding is not supported yet, the alpha version showing patterns how to use the app in future. Personally, I see the option not to use any programming language to build custom strategy as a huge time saver and potentially UX breakthrough in the field. Are you agree or not? Tell us in comments!