Up until now, advanced algorithmic trading has been a matter of sufficient technical skills.

A trader without such experience cannot fully monetize the potential of his knowledge of the market. As a result of that cryptos remained a privilege of a restricted group of people. We have long been waiting for a product that would put down this barrier and make crypto-trading more accessible to mainstream users.

Developer team has created a platform with several helpful features

Strategy Builder

In Strategy builder, users can drag & drop indicators to create a strategy or make their own bots easily.

Chosen models can be backtested on historical data to prove their effectiveness. Afterward, they can be connected to the exchanges to start trading automatically.

Once the strategy and indicators are selected, and the data set is provided (could be bought on the platform directly) bots can be connected to the exchange directly.

Data Marketplace

Datasets that are provided by other users and vendors can be bought here.

They may include historical and current market data, crypto-related social media content, etc.

Indicators Marketplace

Signals support several types of indicators.

  • Technical analysis –  helps users to comprehend the vast amount of data and help them make an informed decision.
  • Blockchain monitoring – as the blockchain is public it is possible to track major players on the market (so-called “whales’’)
  • Sentiment analysis – could be especially useful. Cryptos as a young phenomenon lacks consistent underlying fundamentals backing the movements of the market. The markets are currently driven mostly by investor psychology so sentiment is by all means important. Custom sets of indicators will be also a subject of the exchange between traders.
  • Machine learning – deep learning and procedures utilizing neural networks will be implemented as well.
  • Crowd wisdom – Signals will try to utilize the power of collective intelligence by letting the users buy or sell shares of one of several possible outcomes as a way of mapping the public tendencies.

To ensure sufficient capacity to process large quantities of data Signals cooperate with iExec – blockchain based cloud computing platform and Foxconn’s data center SafeDX.

Strategies marketplace

Strategies built by users, and also by developers, can be obtained (for remuneration by SGN tokens). All individual strategies have robust reporting. Users can check the performance and degree of risk before actively using it. Trading bots from other sources can be integrated into the marketplace as well.


To gain the access to additional features (and to pay on the marketplace) payment must be done through Signal Token (SGN) exclusively.

When a payment occurs, a small quantity of the tokens decompose, therefore the volume in circulation decreases. By doing so the creators intend to strengthen the price for users with long-term hold strategy.

Main SGN token sale starts on March 12, 2018, to raise funds for further improvements.


Signals platform is a technically viable and much-needed product. The question is whether the developers can achieve sufficient critical mass of users and consequently sufficient number of datasets, signals, and strategies to make it work. If successful Signals can act as a catalyst for further democratization of the market. To learn more about Signals visit their profile at ICOindex.