Review of SOCIFI (GIF)

ICO date: March 26, 2018, till April 27, 2018

Soft Cap: 2,18 million USD

Hard Cap: 26.13 million USD

Token type: ERC20

Total supply: 5 000 000 000

Token base price: 0.00969635 USD

Accepted currency: ETH, BTC, LTC

Company Information:



  • Aims to disrupt a large and very potential market
  • Already established strong partnerships
  • Existing user base and proven business model
  • Vesting of the tokens
  • Karel Fillner in the Core team (he is a respected cryptocurrency influencer)
  • Pre-sale has an individual cap of 20 000 USD
  • A strong team with proved achievements
  • The hard cap is reasonably high


  • Almost 12x difference between the soft cap and the hard cap
  • No reputable 3rd party smart contract verification
  • For some investors, the large total supply might be discouraging
  • The vesting period is short (12 months), all tokens will be released the team will deliver the final product (Q4 2019) – although most of the tokens should be used for the development of the platform
  • The technical whitepaper about migration from centralized to the decentralized solution is announced to be released on Q2 2019
  • The project relies strongly on Ethereum sharding solution to be fully released and functional



SOCIFI is a well-established operating Sponsored Data Marketplace provided WiFi connection in over 67 countries. Data can be sponsored by big brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Microsoft, Uber as well as local brands. More than 51 million end-users enjoyed free data thanks to their solution. Users interact with the sponsored content. SOCIFI Ltd. has been established as spinoff of digital agency (


Sidney Zdenek Hornych –  CEO – Responsible for strategic company goals.

In 2003 he established a software house called DPG Invent focused on developing ticketing systems for enterprise customers & governmental agencies (clients such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Regional Development, University of Chemistry and Technology). The company is now fully independent on him.

In 2006, a digital agency was established by Sidney in London, UK. helped to successfully pass digital challenges for companies such as Microsoft, Heineken, L’Oréal, P&G, GSK, Škoda Auto, WMC Grey, McCann, BBDO and many other large companies.

Tomas Silny – Chief Visionary Officer and Co-founder –  His responsibility in the company is product vision and development. He is a multidisciplinary expert with a blend of experience in user experience/interface design (UX/UI), marketing, project management and software development. He was a creative director for more than 11 years in company Also, he was a jury member of and worked as Freelance Designer (Art director, Animator).

Karel Fillner – He is the “Czech Bitcoin Jesus”. He has been enlightening the public in the Czech Republic about cryptocurrencies via his popular blog He also used to be in charge of cointelegraph, a Czech version of He gave lectures to wide audiences as well as to experts at conferences. Among many other clients, he also consulted for WBTC In addition, Karel is a Board Member of Parallel Polis – Institute of CryptoAnarchy. His main role in the SOCIFI project is to support it through its token generation event.

There are 9 core developers working on building this platform.




The more the platform is used the fewer tokens will be circulating in a free market while more tokens will be used as discount vouchers for active publishers thus incentivizing further adoption. The value of the token hence increases with the adoption which in turn drives more adoption.

SOCIFI has tested its Proof of Concepts (PoC’s) on tens of thousands of WiFi networks across the globe. The success of our solution attracted global Venture Capital investors Rockaway Capital ( and Keiretsu Forum CEE ( Keiretsu Forum is one of the largest angel networks with more than 50 chapters worldwide. Rockaway Capital is a leading investment company in Europe with offices in Prague, San Francisco, and Sao Paulo. Notable to mention is also that SOCIFI help to protect citizens in the USA since Q4 2015 through CAP (

Other partnerships include icomera (, the world’s leading provider of wireless internet connectivity and application platforms for passenger transport, the strategic partnership with GEMA / Mobility MEA ( that introduces SOCIFI’s Sponsored Data solution to the Telco’s industry, technological partnerships with Cisco Meraki and Xirrus (, a Solution Partner of Cisco Systems ( and development partnership with Tata Communication (

Their solution has been used by corporate giants such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Uber and others. For a more detailed overview of our cooperation with these companies please see the Achievements section of the WP. (

The potential of the mobile data market is growing every year as both the usage of mobile data and global digital advertising revenue are rising in tandem.

(whitepaper, page 15)

There are a few competitors in this industry so far with a different approach. But it can be assumed that the competition in this field will be growing in the coming years. Solutions of SOCIFI are not focused on subscribers engagement on daily basis at all. The second key difference is non-existence of an open Marketplace where any approved Sponsor/Advertiser can join and target its audience.
Examples of the competition are:

The Data Perks by AT&T and Aquto ( and the WowBox by Telenor. (

The funds from the ICO will be used in this proportion:


Token use case:

Using blockchain for all the transactions will lower the operational costs, increase the speed of transactions, creates open transparent and fair marketplace, democratizes value distribution and narrow the relationship between advertisers, network providers, and subscribers. The GIF tokens will be the platform’s currency of choice.

GIF represents the value of sponsorship (data/reward gifts) and the tool that advertisers (sponsors) can use to obtain media space and/or SOCIFI products and services, and which will be used to transform the reward to end-users (subscribers) and peer to peer data gifting (one user can send a specific amount of data to another as a gift).


Token metrics:

Token will be allocated by the smart contract:

The security of the contract should be achieved by bug bounty.

61% will be sold in the TGE and 39% will remain with SOCIFI. The goal of the TGE is to raise 26 127 734 USD. Of those 61% tokens, 24.5% will be sold with 35% discount in pre-sale (locking period for those GIF Tokens will be 6 months after the end of the TGE).

The tokens that are allocated to Ops and the foundation will be vested over 12 months after token generation event:

  • 5% of GIF (27,500,000 GIF) = 1 month after the end of the TGE
  • 20% of GIF (110,000,000 GIF) = 6 months after the end of the TGE
  • 30% of GIF (165,000,000 GIF) = 9 months after the end of the TGE
  • 45% of GIF (247,500,000 GIF) = 12 months after the end of the TGE

Tokens for the team will be vested as follows:

  • 30% of GIF (90,000,000 GIF) = 9 months after the end of the TGE
  • 50% of GIF (150,000,000 GIF) =12 months after the end of the TGE

These tokens will be used for Marketplace & Reward Engine, Marketing, Brand Awareness & Market Kickstart and overall operating cost.

GIF Tokens allocated to Pre-sale or Crowd sale, which will not be sold, will be airdropped.



The roadmap is extensive enough and describes the ambition of the project up to Q4 2019 when the  Launch of Decentralized & Open Sourced SES Marketplace running on the smart contract blockchain technology.

Other interesting milestones on the roadmap are:

Q2 2018 – The Private Beta testing with a limited number of users with a cap of 5,000 early adopters

Q3 2018 – Enhancement to user Interface based on initial beta group testing. Launching open beta and public operation. Launching marketing campaign and user acquisition promotion to reach out to as many potential subscribers as possible.

Q4 2018 –  Marketplace scalability, End-users acquisition, Open marketplace to all approved advertisers (sponsors), GIF airdropping start

Q1 2019 – Transaction logging, Completion of GIF wallet to store tokens, Releasing of an example of white-labeled app for WiFi connectivity. Availability for any WiFi provider/publisher.

Q2 2019 – Technical White Paper for the transition from a centralized solution to a decentralized application.

Community, marketing:

Telegram: about 1050 members

Twitter: 8180 followers

Facebook: 19130 subscribers

Youtube: 250 subscribers

Linkedin: 270 followers

Medium: there are about 2 articles per month on average since November 2017, but they are addressing a variety of subjects like security, bounties, vision of the project, press releases and ICO (TGE) description

The project seems more low profile in the hype rate when we compare the activity on the Telegram compared to Facebook or Twitter. The project should also try to build a SubReddit to try to encourage a more engaged discussion with the community.