Weekly report from Blockchain world 28.8.2018 – 4.9.2018

As you have probably realized, crypto is one of the most rapidly evolving industry.

Here is the most important news from the blockchain space from last week which we caught for you:

ICO market recovery?

Projects raised in August 25% or 100M $ more than a month before. Apart from the raw data, the article shows the unpleasant trend of doing buybacks of tokens to raise confidence. Dear projects, we would like to see the growth of price by providing utility, not manipulation.

Did you hear about the most important changes of Ethereum due to their Proof of Stake transition?

Rewards for the miners will be reduced from 3 ETH to 2 ETH raising concerns about the sustainability of current security. On the other hand, big Ethereum holders thanks to the possible can benefit from the reduction of inflation.

Do you still have any doubt about the real need of cryptocurrencies?

Google secretly tracks what you buy offline using Mastercard data. Google has paid Mastercard millions of dollars in exchange to access this information. Shame on them.

Bitcoin transferred more value  than PayPal

According to the New York-based analyst, Bitcoin’s $1.3 trillion transacted value seen in 2018 is only “an order of magnitude” away from that of leading processor – Visa. Lighting network can be the game changer and the last step for Bitcoin to overcome them.

ABRA is now supporting Euro and SEPA payments

One of the most interesting crypto wallet with the exchange – ABRA, where you can hedge your funds, is now supporting shitcoin Euro. Euro is the latest fiat currency among the other 51 and 28 cryptocurrencies.

How to make a sustainable stable coin?

This blog is showing the fundamental flaws of algorithmic pegged stable coins and the need for underlying asset backing.

The explosion of stable coins

Last months we saw a lot of stable coins raising privately from tens to hundreds of millions $.
Biggest exchanges with famous VCs funded another new stable coin Terra with 32M $.

EOS dapps surpassed Ethereums in transactions volume

Despite Ethereum first mover advantage, a lot of bugs and controversy around EOS, their dapps are getting bigger traction

Bear market? Dfinity raised in second private round 102M$

Dfinity, one of the most promising blockchain 3.0 raised $102M in the latest round from leading crypto VCs. Do you need more info about it? Here is the nice explanation of Dfinity. They are coming with a novel and consistent consensus mechanism. Comparison with other PoS algorithms here.

HODL will be finally (more) profitable

Many blockchain protocols are transitioning from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS), leading to a fundamental change in the economic incentives and behavioral dynamics for token holders, or ‘stakeholders’. $60 BN worth of network value, or ~ 25% of the total cryptocurrency market value, is expected to be secured by PoS by the end of 2019, and staking rewards are expected to be in excess of $4.5 BN annually. This change in security and participation model has a profound implication for the role of stakeholders in decentralized networks.

Are you afraid of your private keys?

If you are extremely paranoid and scared of hackers you should generate your private keys in a special “faraday” tent  as they regularly do at Coinbase.

Do you want to be a crypto genius?

If our blogs are not enough for you, here is the great list of the knowledge base which you can’t miss.


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