Weekly report from Blockchain world 8.7.2018-15.7.2018

As you could realize, crypto is one of the most rapidly evolving industry.

Here is the most important news from the blockchain space last week which we caught for you:

Did you see our interview with CTO of Civic?

We asked him how to use Civic, where they are heading and many more. 

Augur, one of the oldest and most expected ICO, is finally live!

They surpassed Cryptokitties in daily users and also in the amount of used Ethereum in their first day. The Team is working hard on fixing bugs, so most of them were solved.

EOS struggles

After controversy start of EOS, mainnet turn into a nightmare and there are still raising problems. The last problem is with RAM of their “Block producers”. 

Oasis Labs raised 45 millions $ for solving privacy and scalability

A dream team of investors (a16crypto, Binance, Metastable, Polychain,etc.) are backing impressive team of top security researchers from the University of California, Berkeley and MIT. They raised $45 million in the presale for crazy, but a real plan – squeezing the blockchain state to just a few kilobytes. If you have doubts how can they accomplish this, you can also listen to the great podcast on Epicenter about their Coda protocol.

How to hack “decentralized exchange”?

After one year, this blog came true, due to the infamous Bancor hack.

Unexpected Ethereum miner and supporter

Sergei Brin, co-founder of Google, is mining an Ethereum

Are you working on your own dapp?

Security experts from Nethemba wrote a great list of mistakes you should avoid in the process of coding your own smart contract. Be aware of these vulnerabilities!

Do you have an unused bandwidth?

Help the Noia network build the decentralized CDN(content delivery network). Support them in their efforts to make the internet more decentralized and in meantime earn some tokens. If you need to know more about them check their profile.

Banks banning crypto?

Litecoin foundation and Tokenpay bought 10% stake in German WEGBank! Imagine this 2 years ago.

Binance is still missing support for fiat currencies, so:

Binance Backs Plan to Create Bank in Malta.

More projects for scaling an Ethereum

Liquidity network is not the same approach to scale Ethereum as a Plasma! This blog should be helpful to realize differences. If you need to know more about them check their profile.

New Internet

Do you know parts of new, decentralized Web 3.0? If not, here is the great overview of the most important parts essential for the new internet without middlemen. Don’t miss any from mentioned projects!

How to break an investment dilemma

How to think about investing in utility tokens? Check this and read twice.

Endless problems with IOTA

Every single node on IOTA’s network went down on July the 6th according to Sarah Lewis, a researcher. Read more in her report.

Insightful blog about ICO investors and ownership centralization

In this post, we dive into the historical data of 8 projects that conducted a public sale in 2017, followed by a broader look at token ownership today.

Coinbase is considering to add more assets

Most famous US exchange start research about the possibility of adding Cardano, Stellar Lumens, 0x, ZCash and Basic Attention Token.

Have you ever tried Brave browser?

Privacy and performance oriented browser, utilizing Basic Attention Token, passes 3 million monthly active users!

Opera is adding native support for Ethereum wallet

The story continues with Bitmain acquiring controlling stake for 50 millions $. Do you wonder why? This twitter thread shows you unexpected connections between Bitmain Africa and Opera.


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